Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I was telling my children (4 year old twins) the other day as we drove to school and saw buds on trees that spring is my favorite time of year. My daughter asked why and as I thought about it, I laughed to myself. I couldn't come up with an answer she would understand. I think it is my favorite time of year because, for so many years, this was the time when training got more fun. Less long intervals and more short ones; less hats and gloves and other warm weather gear and more sun; less cold pill directives from Gags and more "drink fluids" ones; and of course, less wind on the roof of Yates. It's funny how, even now, running shapes my view of our suroundings.

Penn is just a week or so away and I'm looking forward to seeing the Hoya Men and Women chase a Championship of America title. I got the chance to see some of the team compete for the first time in many years at the Big East Indoor Championships in NY. For those of you who are not following closely, you should. We've got a lot of exciting talent on the track these days. Even more satisfying was the post-event reception at the NY Armory. Dozens of alums turned out for what must have been the best attended Spike Shoe Club event in a very long time. The only distressing part was that Steve Holman and I were two of the oldest people in the room (I think he is older than me by the way). Clearly, Gtown's younger alums are staying close to the program and are showing up in numbers. I left there that night thinking that Steve and I needed to help Meghan bring back some older women and men.

Hope to see many familiar faces in Philadelphia next week. If not, drop the coaching staff an email and wish them well.

Rich Kenah
PS. For the record, I saw Doug Huffman at the meet as well. While all (most) of us alums looked older and heavier with less hair on our heads, I swear Doug has not changed a bit.


Anonymous said...

Nice recollections. And I think the Hoyas have a chance for the 4x1500 (or 4x1 mile,whichever they are running) championship at Penn, as early results indicate that Bumbi and Matt both ran 3:40's at the Princeton meet today.

Don Betowski

P.S. Coach Rod ran a nice 13:30.65 at Mt. SAC tonight.

Anonymous said...

Doug must be following his own advice and uses lots of ice. Bernie G