Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A thank you to the Big East reception sponsors

Many thanks to our event sponsors. We could not have had the event without their support:

Colin Dunn ('00)
Denise Furey ('78)
Tom Grimes ('81)
Pat Henner
Fleet Hower ('06)
Ray Humphrey ('87)
John Lenahan ('01)
Chris Marchal ('00)
Scott McLeod ('96)
Brian McNelis ('84)
Jesse O'Connell ('04)
George O'Loughlin ('03)
Jeff Reinhardt ('02)
Jesse Saglio ('94)
Dan Tebbano ('03)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City

So does anyone miss Syracuse?

$3 meals at Kosmo's aside, I think it's pretty clear that the Big East championships have found a new home in the 168th St. Armory. The building was filled with energy and excitement and the performances on the track were very impressive. It definitely helped to have an enthusiastic announcer, and small things like the playing of the winner's school fight songs went a long way towards making the proceedings feel a little bit bigger. Speaking of, I wasn't aware that we'd changed the Georgetown fight song to Rock and Roll, Pt. 2. Maybe I didn't get that memo.

Congrats to both the men's and women's team for their third and second place finishes respectively. For a full recap, check out or wait for one of those excellent e-mails coach Henner has been sending to the Spiked Shoe listserv. I wish I could break down all of the great runs by Hoyas this weekend, but to be honest there were too many of them. Across the board, the gang in blue and gray looked confident and aggressive and put themselves in the mix to run big time races, and in a lot of cases did. I would, however, like to single out a couple guys on the men's side for their killer weekends; Andrew Bumbalough and Matt DeBole had fantastic meets. Andrew was 2nd in the DMR, mile and 3k; his Sunday double of 4:01 and 8:04 was super impressive. Matt ran stud legs on both relays and also took a close second in the 1,000 running 2:23.8. Really great stuff.

Off the track the weekend was also a success for the alumni reception. There was a great turnout for the event at the Armory, and it seemed that everyone had a good time. Next year we'll get them to turn down the heat and make sure that there is wine AND beer. I'm sure the team appreciated your support, and I know the Spiked Shoe Club did.

For those that continued on after the reception, a good time was had as well. I should mention, we're missing one of the We Are Georgetown bumper stickers. It was last seen stuck to John Tillman's back. So if anyone finds that, please mail it back to Spiked Shoe headquarters. Great.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When 25 laps are not enough. The Eugene Marathon

For those alumni who are in the market for a fast, well run, and Hoya-affiliated marathon/half-marathon, look no further than Eugene.

Andy Downin (C 96) organized the inaugural Eugene Marathon in April 2007 with fantastic results. Eugene hosted over 4200 finishers from 44 states and eight countries. The course was fast and flat with four elite athletes qualifying for the Olympic Trials, and 19% of finishers obtained Boston Qualifying times. It was also named to the top ten for marathons with 5% of its participants finish under three hours. The Marathon Guide named it as the Top Five marathons in the country. This year’s marathon, half Marathon, 5K and Kids Marathon will be held on May 4, 2008. For more information visit:

Stay tuned, Andy will be posting updates on how this year's marathon is shaping up.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bumbalough Breaks Four Minute Mile Indoors

Congratulations to Andrew Bumbalough, who clocked a 3:58.46 at the 2008 Giegengack Invitational, hosted by Yale University. Andrew's time is an automatic qualifying time for the NCAA Championship. Bumbalough's performance in the men's mile set the standard and he now ranks second on Georgetown's all-time indoor mile list. Click here for an interview with Andrew following his big race:
The last time a Hoya broke four minutes in the mile at an indoor meet was Mark Sivieri's ('95)performance in 1994. Rumor has it that Siv has continued his success off the track and is now a pediatrician in Maryland. (If anyone can confirm this, or find Siv, let us know!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet A Hoya: Liz Maloy

We’re trying a new feature here at the Spiked Shoe Blog called Meet A Hoya. It’s sort of a profile, sort of an interview, but mostly it’s a chance for you to get to know some of the athletes currently on the team. The tentative plan is to do these until I run out of phone numbers for people on the team that I personally know. In other words, there’s going to be like, two more.

In the inaugural edition of Meet A Hoya, we’re talking with Liz Maloy. Liz is a fifth year senior from Loudonville, New York. She attended Holy Names high school, and graduated from Georgetown last spring with a degree in psychology. Recently, she ran 4:43.02 on that gem of a track at Penn State, putting her way up on this season’s NCAA list (currently #6), and vaulting her to #5 on the GU all-time list.

Spiked Shoe Blog: So let’s get right into this. When did you start running? Were there other sports when you were younger?
Liz Maloy: I played basketball and sat on the bench my 7th grade year and never played again.
SSB: Nice. Let me guess… center? Forward?
LM: Forward [laughs]. I was pretty good in 6th grade.
SSB: I bet. You still have any of those post moves?
LM: [Laughs] Totally.
SSB: Watch out Roy Hibbert.
SSB: Tell us about your time at Georgetown. Did you have a favorite professor or class?
LM: Professor Ryan for Fundamentals of Finance. My favorite class though was probably not that one [laughs].
SSB: Alright, what would you say is your most memorable race in college?
LM: Oh man... probably the trials at NCAA's [the 1500m outdoors in 2006] two years ago because I did not think I was going to make the finals.
SSB: Did you advance on place or time? In other words, did you have to sweat it out through the second heat?
LM: Place, I was 3rd.
SSB: Cool.
LM: It was exciting.
LM: It also might be this past [NCAA Cross Country Championships] because I got drug tested - worst experience ever.
SSB: Yeah, I've been through the whole drug testing thing.
LM: It's terrible.
SSB: How many bottles of water did you have to drink, and how long did you get stuck in there?
LM: I was in there for an hour, probably.
SSB: Ouch.
LM: I drank so much water my stomach hurt, it sucked. And coach Milt and Rod [ed: asst. coach Rod Koborsi] were waiting for me.
SSB: And then you probably were running to the bathroom for the next 5 hours.
LM: Yeah, on the plane
SSB: Wonderful. You're lucky they didn't think you were a terrorist and turn the plane around.
LM: [Laughs] Seriously, that would suck.
SSB: Yeah, but it sure would have been funny.
SSB: So, if you could only eat one vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?
LM: Sweet potatoes.
SSB: Excellent choice. Preferred preparation style?
LM: Just baked - they don't need anything.
SSB: Damn, you're making me hungry. Kind of.
SSB: If forced at gunpoint to hang out with Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, which one would it be, and why?
LM: Lindsey Lohan because she has red hair and I know she's still as cool as she was in The Parent Trap, deep down.
SSB: We can only hope.
LM: I believe she is.
SSB: If you could trade places with a female musician, who would it be and why? (and you can't pick Prince).
LM: Posh Spice so I can be married to David Beckham [laughs].
SSB: That would have been my answer too. It’s his hair. Right… moving on.
SSB: What’s one book you can't live without?
LM: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I reallllly like that book.
SSB: What's your go-to meal in the caf?
LM: Roast chicken, broccoli, a sweet potato, and salad.
SSB: Wow. Color me impressed.
LM: I just ate it actually.
SSB: I’m pretty sure mine was something along the lines of, each of the three entrees being served, plus pizza and 12 cookies.
LM: Well.
SSB: I have issues.
LM: Oh yeah, and frozen yogurt with granola.
SBB: Have you tried the frozen yogurt at Sweet Greens [ed: new M St. eatery] yet?
LM: Not a fan.
SSB: No? I think its pretty damn good.
LM: Meh. I mean it's too good for you [ed: it’s tart, natural frozen yogurt]
SSB: You're more of a Thomas Sweets gal?
LM: Oh, for sure.
SSB: What do you get in your mix-in?
LM: Oreo peanut butter swirl with sprinkles.
SSB: Now I'm hungry again.
LM: [laughs]
SSB: Along the same lines, what’s your favorite Georgetown area restaurant?
LM: Hmmm. Kinkead's - that's in Foggy Bottom though.
SSB: Seafood, right?
LM: Yep.
SSB: Good choice.
LM: I know.
SSB: Favorite city to visit?
LM: In the U.S.? Boston.
SSB: Boston is great. Do you have a favorite foreign city?
LM: I really liked Dublin.
SSB: When were you there?
LM: Over the summer I went with my mom and sister. We traveled all around Ireland. Killarny was awesome - the national park was amazing.
SSB: That sounds great.
SSB: Ok, last question. Who is your all-time favorite 800m runner at GU (and there is a right and wrong answer to this question)?
LM: Matt Debole
SSB: That’s not the answer we were looking for. But you get points for classmate loyalty.
SSB: This conversation is so over.
LM: [laughs]
SSB: Thanks Liz, I appreciate you doing this.
LM: Anytime.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Belated Congrats to Joe Lang & Kevin King

As many of you probably know, Joe Lang and Kevin King were inducted into the Georgetown Hall of Fame this past weekend. Spiked Shoe had a reception for him on Friday night and the turnout was great. It's always cool to attend an event in Riggs Library since it's kind of off the beaten path at Georgetown. And by off the beaten path I mean that it looks like the room was frozen in time in 1870. Definitely a feeling of history that you don't get from say, the Darnall cafeteria (which I'm told is becoming a pub with a liquor license). But it was great to see so many people in town to support and congratulate Joe and Kevin, and it looked like a lot of you were getting the chance to catch up with old teammates and friends.

Not that it isn't being hyped in enough ways already (e-mails, mail-mail, Meghan hiring sky-writers), but I just wanted to remind everyone about the event in New York City during the Big East track meet. It should be a great time, and I hope a lot of people are planning on coming. Rumor has it that Milt is going to race Henner for charity. Ok, maybe I made that up. Still, it'll be a great event, and the team will appreciate the support during the meet.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gags at Eugene Marathon

Gags came to our Eugene Marathon post-race party. He hasn't changed a bit... If anyone is going to be in the Boston area for the USA Indoor meet, 2/21-2/25, let me know.