Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Belated Congrats to Joe Lang & Kevin King

As many of you probably know, Joe Lang and Kevin King were inducted into the Georgetown Hall of Fame this past weekend. Spiked Shoe had a reception for him on Friday night and the turnout was great. It's always cool to attend an event in Riggs Library since it's kind of off the beaten path at Georgetown. And by off the beaten path I mean that it looks like the room was frozen in time in 1870. Definitely a feeling of history that you don't get from say, the Darnall cafeteria (which I'm told is becoming a pub with a liquor license). But it was great to see so many people in town to support and congratulate Joe and Kevin, and it looked like a lot of you were getting the chance to catch up with old teammates and friends.

Not that it isn't being hyped in enough ways already (e-mails, mail-mail, Meghan hiring sky-writers), but I just wanted to remind everyone about the event in New York City during the Big East track meet. It should be a great time, and I hope a lot of people are planning on coming. Rumor has it that Milt is going to race Henner for charity. Ok, maybe I made that up. Still, it'll be a great event, and the team will appreciate the support during the meet.

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