Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet A Hoya: Liz Maloy

We’re trying a new feature here at the Spiked Shoe Blog called Meet A Hoya. It’s sort of a profile, sort of an interview, but mostly it’s a chance for you to get to know some of the athletes currently on the team. The tentative plan is to do these until I run out of phone numbers for people on the team that I personally know. In other words, there’s going to be like, two more.

In the inaugural edition of Meet A Hoya, we’re talking with Liz Maloy. Liz is a fifth year senior from Loudonville, New York. She attended Holy Names high school, and graduated from Georgetown last spring with a degree in psychology. Recently, she ran 4:43.02 on that gem of a track at Penn State, putting her way up on this season’s NCAA list (currently #6), and vaulting her to #5 on the GU all-time list.

Spiked Shoe Blog: So let’s get right into this. When did you start running? Were there other sports when you were younger?
Liz Maloy: I played basketball and sat on the bench my 7th grade year and never played again.
SSB: Nice. Let me guess… center? Forward?
LM: Forward [laughs]. I was pretty good in 6th grade.
SSB: I bet. You still have any of those post moves?
LM: [Laughs] Totally.
SSB: Watch out Roy Hibbert.
SSB: Tell us about your time at Georgetown. Did you have a favorite professor or class?
LM: Professor Ryan for Fundamentals of Finance. My favorite class though was probably not that one [laughs].
SSB: Alright, what would you say is your most memorable race in college?
LM: Oh man... probably the trials at NCAA's [the 1500m outdoors in 2006] two years ago because I did not think I was going to make the finals.
SSB: Did you advance on place or time? In other words, did you have to sweat it out through the second heat?
LM: Place, I was 3rd.
SSB: Cool.
LM: It was exciting.
LM: It also might be this past [NCAA Cross Country Championships] because I got drug tested - worst experience ever.
SSB: Yeah, I've been through the whole drug testing thing.
LM: It's terrible.
SSB: How many bottles of water did you have to drink, and how long did you get stuck in there?
LM: I was in there for an hour, probably.
SSB: Ouch.
LM: I drank so much water my stomach hurt, it sucked. And coach Milt and Rod [ed: asst. coach Rod Koborsi] were waiting for me.
SSB: And then you probably were running to the bathroom for the next 5 hours.
LM: Yeah, on the plane
SSB: Wonderful. You're lucky they didn't think you were a terrorist and turn the plane around.
LM: [Laughs] Seriously, that would suck.
SSB: Yeah, but it sure would have been funny.
SSB: So, if you could only eat one vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?
LM: Sweet potatoes.
SSB: Excellent choice. Preferred preparation style?
LM: Just baked - they don't need anything.
SSB: Damn, you're making me hungry. Kind of.
SSB: If forced at gunpoint to hang out with Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, which one would it be, and why?
LM: Lindsey Lohan because she has red hair and I know she's still as cool as she was in The Parent Trap, deep down.
SSB: We can only hope.
LM: I believe she is.
SSB: If you could trade places with a female musician, who would it be and why? (and you can't pick Prince).
LM: Posh Spice so I can be married to David Beckham [laughs].
SSB: That would have been my answer too. It’s his hair. Right… moving on.
SSB: What’s one book you can't live without?
LM: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I reallllly like that book.
SSB: What's your go-to meal in the caf?
LM: Roast chicken, broccoli, a sweet potato, and salad.
SSB: Wow. Color me impressed.
LM: I just ate it actually.
SSB: I’m pretty sure mine was something along the lines of, each of the three entrees being served, plus pizza and 12 cookies.
LM: Well.
SSB: I have issues.
LM: Oh yeah, and frozen yogurt with granola.
SBB: Have you tried the frozen yogurt at Sweet Greens [ed: new M St. eatery] yet?
LM: Not a fan.
SSB: No? I think its pretty damn good.
LM: Meh. I mean it's too good for you [ed: it’s tart, natural frozen yogurt]
SSB: You're more of a Thomas Sweets gal?
LM: Oh, for sure.
SSB: What do you get in your mix-in?
LM: Oreo peanut butter swirl with sprinkles.
SSB: Now I'm hungry again.
LM: [laughs]
SSB: Along the same lines, what’s your favorite Georgetown area restaurant?
LM: Hmmm. Kinkead's - that's in Foggy Bottom though.
SSB: Seafood, right?
LM: Yep.
SSB: Good choice.
LM: I know.
SSB: Favorite city to visit?
LM: In the U.S.? Boston.
SSB: Boston is great. Do you have a favorite foreign city?
LM: I really liked Dublin.
SSB: When were you there?
LM: Over the summer I went with my mom and sister. We traveled all around Ireland. Killarny was awesome - the national park was amazing.
SSB: That sounds great.
SSB: Ok, last question. Who is your all-time favorite 800m runner at GU (and there is a right and wrong answer to this question)?
LM: Matt Debole
SSB: That’s not the answer we were looking for. But you get points for classmate loyalty.
SSB: This conversation is so over.
LM: [laughs]
SSB: Thanks Liz, I appreciate you doing this.
LM: Anytime.

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